Friday, November 02, 2007

Dress up

for halloween, the girls wiere fairies, and the boys were robots.

Chris was a sugar daddy. :)


heather said...

ok, you are so dang creative it makes me SICK! :) WOW, i am totally impressed! love the costumes - i never even would've thought of the cookie sheet thing! that's great!
and that Chloe is SUCH a little model! :)

~just me~ said...

yah... i wish i were that creative. That's why i read family fun magazine & get all my ideas from them. :) the cookie sheets got all crinkled by the end of the night, though. :(

have more pics of chloe's awesome hair. they're just not ready yet. :)

Dog snob said...

I always was jealous of your creativity.

I love Chris' costume!!

Ruth said...

Yeah, but what were YOU?! (I taped a red letter C to my shirt - it was a church fall festival - and I won a prize for best costume - I was the Red Sea...harharhahrahrhar!)

~just me~ said...

ha! love it!! very clever. i'll have to try that sometime. i wanted to have the kids dress up like bees, so i could be a bee keeper, but they didn't want to. i just got a big afro wig, some fitted black clothes, sunglasses & RED lipstick, so i could be a supermodel. the funny thing was to see other moms who just threw on a wig as a costume. i guess it's the mom thing to do. :)