Thursday, November 15, 2007

kids say the darndest things

So yesterday, we were driving around, & Zachary says, "mom. are pretend skeletons nice?" Well, I figure as long as you pretened they're nice, then they are, so i said yes. Then he asked if real skeletons were nice. so i said, "a skeleton is just you bones, so.... *my* skeleton is nice. how about yours?" and he said, "My skeleton is itchy!" heehee!

And then, last night, we were eating these little yellow cheese puffs called Pirate Booty (y'know, like "pirates treasure"?) And Gideon kept calling it Pirate Booties (y'know, like pirate butts). And i remembered the little chant that he made up when we bought it: "Pirate booties, Pirate booties! We all love piiiirates! 'cause they have booooties!" :)

And *then*, chloe & i went shopping at old navy, and i was reminded of how she used to call it "Old Maybe."


Tonya said...

Is there really a pronunciation for "booty" and "booty" (butt)??? Seriously, I didn't know that! Hmmm, pirate booty (softer "t"?), cute booty ("T"). I do believe you are correct!

Very cute kid sayings. Old Maybe is hilarious. The other day, my friend told her kids she was flying to Belize, sitting on the beach and having a Cabana Boy take care of her (they've all been sick). Her son says, "But Mom, I thought DAD was your Cabana Boy!" (He's 4 - never hear of a cabana boy before.) HILARIOUS. How do they come up with these things? Of course, I love the things I hear myself saying "Seth, stop tickling your brothers p***s with a towel." That was last night ... sigh.

Tonya said...

I meant "is there really a DIFFERENT" pronunciation ...

~just me~ said...

yah...i don't know about the pronunciation. i say them both the same. but i knew what Gideon was saying. :)

as far as waht *you* said... pretty funny! i laughed at myself once when i said: "Chloe, pick up all those heads of the floor!" :D