Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Picture Day!

Every year, we go to The Picture People to get our photos done. They're not the best in the world, but they have cute poses & they're cheap. I get a membership every year which gives me lots of discounts. Well, our membership was going to expire in a couple weeks, so i called to make an appointment, & found out that they closed down! Well, i've got no clue where else to go, so we decided that just for the year, we'd drive an hour & a half away, to the nearest picture people, so we could use up our discounts.

anway... thought you'd like to see the pictures.

These are from last year:

And this year:
Zachy was very shy. Every time the camera people got him to smile or laugh, he would turn his head & hide. Finally, i told him that I'd give him a penny if he smiled. :)
Me & Chris pretending to love each other. :) They told us to kiss. I held it for about 3 seconds & then burst out laughing. I mean, really. How long could *you* sit there & pretend to kiss with a camera in your face? made a cute picture, though. --way better than the kissing one.

And Evy finally smiles!


Dog snob said...

Those are adorable!!

Ruth said...

Yes, very cute! I do the free Picture People thing too, and agree -they're not the best, but free is good! Last year for my friend's pictures, the inexperienced high school dropout photographer offered them one of the poses where the reindeer prop was facing butt-first! Ha! But you can usually get some cute ones out of it...! :) The BEST photographer I've ever had was at a Super Target, she was good and should've been some place better...

~just me~ said...

super target, huh? you're lucky she was there.:)

i told chris i'd love to work at someplace like Picture People. it'd give me the experience i need, w/aranging & directing people, & then i could go off & become a REAL photographer.

Gwendolyn said...

Cute pictures. Way better than snapshots that some random family member took with a cheap disposable camera. he he

~just me~ said...

yes. way better. you sound like you're speaking from experience. ?? :)