Friday, July 20, 2007

my hair...sort of

okay.... i know you're all anxiously awaiting photos of my new haircut, but i just haven't gotten any! But every time i have chloe pose for a photo for me, she asks to take a picture of *me*. so... i thought i'd at least let you see those. the first one is a bad picture of me, but you can at least see the length of my hair. the 2nd one is a better picture, but a bad one of my hair. new do: when i got it done, she cut off about six inches! it's an A--line bob, which means that it's shorter in the back & longer in the front. I like it, but i think i'll get it a little shorter next time. she did a big blonde chunk in the front, but i didn't like it, so a few days later, i went & she changed it to a deep red. but that's faded, & now it's a copper-y color.

so i just have to explain this picture. for one of my assignment, i was having chloe make "mean" faces, so when she took *my* picture, i had to do the same thing:

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