Friday, July 20, 2007

checking in

well, my photo class is coming to an end. Next week is the final exam, but I've turned in all of my assignments. It was crazy trying to get everything done, but I'm glad I did. Thanks to all who gave me ideas for the "fear with humor" assignment. Here's what I did:

Also, last week, I went to the CHEA (California Home Educators Association) convention. It was WONDERFUL!!! I heard some amazing speakers, a couple of my my favorites were Lou Priolo (who wrote the book I just read, "Teach Them Diligently") and Ted Baehr (who started the website, ). Also, while I was there, I picked out my new curriculum for next year. Maybe when I have time, I would love to say more about the convention. But right now, I have to leave to pick up the big kids who are at "SafetyTown" learning all about safety! :)
Next week, they start swim lessons. I'm glad they're finally learning to swim. Also, Heather & her family are coming to visit. I'm *so* looking forward to that. :) In August, my life should slow down just a bit, and then i'll be posting more regularly.
gotta run!

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