Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rules and Breaking Them

hi! have you missed me? Thought i'd pop in & share some of my latest photos with you.

My last assignment for my class was about the "rules of composition." We had to submit 4 that followed the rules, and 2 that successfully broke them. It was actully really hard for me to think of a good photo that would break the rules.

Here are the ones I submitted:

This one breaks the rule of contrast, but it follows the "rule of thirds." I hope she'll accept it. :)

This one breaks the rule of balance. --also, I guess it breaks the rule of simplicity, but I didn't think of that until now.

This one follows the rule of simplicity, and also maybe contrast (orange against blue), and maybe "leading lines"

This one folows the rule of "color", and also maybe shapes and curves.

This one follows the rule of "leading lines." --and I think it's a cute photo of chloe. :)

This one follows the rule of repetition. And also maybe curves.
My next assignment is "fear with humor." any suggestions?

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Glenna said...

My first thought is something with halloween costumes and the kids laughing at them or one of the kids "scareing" another one and the rest laughing about it?