Friday, January 18, 2008

Is four a lot?

I get my share of people asking me questions about my kids, like, "are they all yours?" and that doesn't phase me much. when you have four little kids running around in every direction, it can seem like a lot. But today... we ran into a man at the pet store, & he asked if they were all mine (in a much more incredulous voice than most people), and when I said yes, I think he was truly shocked. And then he said, "you need to be taking more cold showers!" (can you believe it??) but it didn't stop there.

"Are you Catholic"


"a good little Mormon girl?"

"nope." (if I were a bad Mormon, would that make a difference?)

akward pause while he tries to figure out why on earth anyone would have "so many" children.

Finally I said, "We just love children."

that shut him up.

but sheesh! It's only four kids! it's not like I had 15 or 10 or even 6! And later in the conversation, he tells me how he had 3 boys. so what's the big difference between 3 and 4?

Anyway... like I said, lots of people comment on my "many" children, but this guy's tone of voice & attitude showed that was really bothered by it.

When he asked if they were all mine, I shoulda said, "Yes... all but this one, I just found her in the next isle over. I think she'll make a great pet, don't you?" >:)


Sarah said...

haha! that would've been great if you'd told him one was a "pet"! =D

people have this idea that the perfect family is 2 kids. if you have more than that, something's wrong with you.

we're about to have our 3rd and a few weeks ago when i was at the store with my kids, one lady noticed my belly bump and then eyed my 2 other children and said, "you're having another?" as if it was some odd abnormality. (and it's not like my kids were misbehaving, they were putting groceries in the cart). i wanted to tell her no that in actuality i was growing a tumor, but didn't. lol!

this is shutterspeed25 from flickr btw! =)

~just me~ said...

sheesh! what's up with that?!

thanks for the comment. so fun to see you here! :)

Dog snob said...

Honestly, I can't imagine having 4 kids, but, I know a few families with 4 kids so to me, it's not a big deal.

I do think that guy was a bit rude though.

Tonya said...

Well, I wonder what they will say to 5? I'm thinking you might have heard our news?

Oh, not broadcasting yet, just slowly telling.

Tonya said...

Yippee! You finally read my blog! Thanks Kari! :-)

~just me~ said...

Tonya- Number FIVE!? i was watching you in Colorado w/your little one, thinking how glad i am to be done with babies. :) you're braver than I ! Congratulations!

Gwendolyn said...

Puleez! Four is nothing. I always remark that we ONLY have 2 children. I have friends with 4-9 kids. I know one woman who has 11. They are 11 of the most well behaved children you have ever seen (at least publicly). I think you should gather up a few more kiddos from some friends and go back to the pet store!

Anonymous said...

But my question is, What were you doing at the PET store???


Yer Pappy said...

You could probably shut them up in a nice way with a comment like: "There is never a shortage of kisses or hugs in a family like ours."

Rachel said...

Hey, I found your blog because we have a favorite book in common: The Shack. So, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Rachel. It's nice to meet you in blogland. I think it's crazy how people comment about the # of kids people have as if it's a slam!

~just me~ said...

Gwen- I know! 4 doesn't seem like much to me. I was on a field trip w/a friend who's pregnant w/her 7th child. Evy joined their little parade when they were walking somewhere, & my friend said, "that's fine with me. now when people ask if they're all mine, I can say no." :)

Mom- LOL! :) we were just buying food for the hermit crabs. :) --although i'm tryng to talk chris into getting a cat for chloe's birthday. :)

Dad- yah...i found a great website once, that had all sorts of clever answers to people's comments....i'll post it next.

Rachel - so nice to meet you! thanks for the comment. please come by again :)

Tonya said...

Well, Kari, we don't really plan these things. We actually think we prevent. But this is pregnancy #7 for me and I only really planned 2, one was just a non-decision (I guess that is planned). The rest we were "preventing". I'm guessing we need to rethink our strategy here. :-)

Tricia said...

Hi Kari,
Tonya turned me onto your blog. Remember me? Heidi's friend from Dallas?

I have 4 and don't often get the 'all they all yours?' comments, but I think that is because of where we live. Around here 4 is a medium size family! :o)

In my opinion; a large family is subjective; it's always one more than you've got!

4 is medium. 5? Well that is A LOT...TONYA! (heheheheeh) congrats to you Tonya, I didn't want to post that on your blog till you announce.

I enjoy your blog Kari.

~just me~ said...

Hi Tricia! good to hear from you. :)

yes... i agree. one more than what you have is a lot. :)