Friday, April 06, 2007

Why I hate Fantastic Sam's OR Gideon and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad haircut

Chris took Gideon to work w/him for a little while yesterday. Gideon has been in desperate need of a haircut. But our usual hairstylist was booked for two weeks. So it was going to be awhile before it get any better. So while the boys were out, Chris decided to take Gideon to Fantastic Sam's. Now let me just say that we used to be regulars at Fantastic Sam's, but I felt I could do a better job cutting hair than them. So the whole family started seeing my hairstylist, who is AWESOME doesn't charge all that much more. Anyway... I was peasantly surprised that Chris had done something about Gideon's hair, until I looked closely:

It doesn't look quite so bad in this photo, but she totally shaved a big chunk out of the bottom of his hair!!! --and she completely shaved little sideburns off, leaving an ugly tan line from where they used to be.

and his bangs are all long in the middle and short on the sides! AK!
We'll let this grow for a couple weeks & then have my hairstylist fix it up when I take Zachy in for his appointment.

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