Monday, April 23, 2007

Home again

we're home from the race track. It was a lot of fun. Chris rode with the best riders there, (there's a big AMA race next weekend, so a lot of pro racers were riding with him as practice) and got his best lap time ever. yay, chris!

We brought the kids' bikes w/us so they could ride around the parking lot while Chris raced. we took chloe's training wheels off months ago, but she didn't learn to ride, & we haven't had a chance to work with her again. So we hoped to work w/her on it over the weekend. Gideon also showed signs of being ready to ride, so chris took his training wheels off during his first break.

As soon as they were off, Gideon took off & never needed anyone's help! YAY Gideon!!!

Poor Chloe was sad that Gideon learned before her. :( But I think it motivated her, too. While Chris rode, I worked with Chloe. By the end of the day, she was riding great!!

We had lots of accomplishments this weekend. It was very excitng. :) --Last night, at dinner, we all talked about our favorite parts of the weekend. Everybody agreed that Chloe & Gideon riding their bikes was the best part.

Now, the kids are praying that God will give them a house with sidewalks where they can ride their bikes. :)

Now, I just need to get Zachary potty trained, and I won't have any more major milestones to work on for at least a month. :)

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