Friday, April 27, 2007


Awhile back, chloe got in trouble for something, but i wasn't able to discipline her right away. So i told her that she would be disciplined when we got home. Once we got home, i was really busy with other things, and, to be honest, just didn't feel like going through the ordeal of disciplining. so i decided that this would be a perfect time to teach Chloe about grace. :)

I took her aside, and reminded her of what she had done, an that she should be getting in trouble for it. She was very sober, and i could tell that she was dreading the consequences of her actions. I said, "but today, you're not going to get in trouble for what you did. Today, I'm going to show you grace." And I continuted to explain what grace was. What a beautiful thing it was, to watch her eyes light up, and fill with joy and relief. She gave me a HUGE hug, and thanked me profusely for showing her grace. And then she left.

A short while later, she returned with a gift for me:

This is one of the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen, because it's a picture of grace. Me & chloe, smiling together, surrounded by her favorite colors.

i love what she wrote on the back, too. on the left, in pencil, it says, "Thank you mom for giving grace." And at the top, it says, "i love you. YES"


jay r. said...

Thank you for sharing this. Both of you are wonderful parents, and it shows:)

~just me~ said...

aw, thank you, Jay. how kind. :)