Monday, April 16, 2007

We're back!

Yosemite was beautiful and wonderful! We were s'posed to come home on Sunday, but we stayed an extra day. Such fun! This is the first year that we've gone, that there wasn't snow everywhere. Usually, we run out & enjoy the snow & then run in again, to get warm. But this year, the weather was nice, so we spent a lot of time outsite. this is also the first year that we've stay *in* yosemite. --usually, we get a hotel in Oakhurst. Anyway, it was really nice to stay there, & let the kid run around outside at the campsite & enjoy the great outdoors. :)

On Friday, Chris took the kids on a hike to see a waterfall. Saturday, it rained all day, & we stayed in the RV and watched movies (the joys of RV's!). And Sunday, the whole family took a trek to see a waterfall. That evening, we came back to homebase & had s'mores. Such fun! The best part, to the kids, was the s'mores --and after that, watching Charlotte's Web.

--as a side note, i was very excited about watching Charlotte's Web, and was planning to read the book to the kids this summer. But I decided it's too depressing. I'd be happy if the book ended w/Wilbur winning the prize/ Why does Charlotte have to die. i'm not into those "life-lesson" depressing kinds of books. i just like a good story.

ANYWAY...i took some fun pictures, but it'll probably be a little while before i post them. I took them in a format called RAW. I don't know anything about it, so don't ask, but i guess you get better pictures that just have to edit them first. So...once i figure out how to edit RAW photos, i'll post the pictures. :)

and while we're talking about photography, i just have to mention that Chris bought me a book, while we were there, on photography in Yosemite. It has tons of great pointers on where & when to get great photos, but it also gave a lot of basic instruction for the how-to's of good photography. I read it on the way home, today, & learned a lot! I can't wait to start practicing. :)

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