Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So Sad....

I met my friend, Angie, about 7 or 8 years ago when she had 3 kids: 2 girls and a boy. Her next baby (another girl) was born just three weeks after Chloe. Shortly after, husband scheduled a vasectomy, but canceled it at the last minute. A few years later, Angie gave birth to their fifth child: another baby girl. Again, her husband was going to get a vasectomy, but they decided to try one last time for another boy.

Last week, Angie gave birth at home to her sixth child: a baby boy. I called her this morning to see how she and the baby were doing, and she told me that he's in the hospital. Apparently, his intestines were twisted, so he wasn't able to digest the food he was eating, and they had to do surgery on him. When they were inside, they saw that many of his organs are in the wrong place. (his appendix was underneath his arm, on the opposite side that it should be, so they removed it.) He's doing better now, but he will have to recover for 3 weeks in the ICU.

I'm just heartbroken for this family. They've waited so long for this precious baby boy, and this great, great joy of their life has become so sad.... Anyway... I'd just like to ask you guys to pray for this family as God puts them on your heart.

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