Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our house

The last time we moved, some of you asked to see photos of our new house. Well, I've finally gotten around to taking some picures. Here it is...

Just Kidding. :) This is actually the view from our backyard. It's always so beautiful to watch the sunset on that fancy house on the hill, with all of the palm trees making a beautiful sillouette.
And, it's pretty cool that I've got such a great zoom lens on my camera. If you click on that first picture to enlarge it, you can actually look in their 1st floor window & see someone standing in there. heh, heh. >:) (or maybe it's just a shadow. but it's fun anyway.)
Here's another view from our house. This one is from our front yard.

Some day I will try to get around to taking pictures of our actual house, & then I'll share them, too.

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