Saturday, February 24, 2007


I took some fun pictures of our neighborhood birds yesterday. You can click on them to see them enlarged. --Thought Dad would especially like them. What kind are they?

I took this one from across the street. You could see his blue feathers standing out in the middle of a huge green bush. I'm surprised how clear the photo turned out since i was so far away.

While I was getting Mr. Blue Bird, this hawk was soaring above. I took tons of pics, but these are the only ones that came out somewhat clear. It's pretty neat to me, how clear you can see him in the photo, because from the ground, he was just a black blob. I think the 2nd one is especially cool cuz I got him when he was shrieking. :)


"One of us" said...

That's pretty amazing - great photos!...what kind of camera are you using? Mine would be utterly blurry if I zoomed in on a moving object. And too far away if I didn't zoom in... Catch-22 for my pretty decent, yet cheap Olympus.


~just me~ said...

thanks. :) I use a Pentax K10 (It's not a point-and shoot, but a fancy-pants SLR). Chris got it for me for Christmas & my birthday. I LOVE it! --And it has a special lense that can zoom pretty far. So fun!