Tuesday, February 27, 2007

little stinkers!

Saturday, I noticed that the boys had been quiet for quite awhile, & i didn't know where they were. So I called them, and Gideon answered from his bedroom. they never close their doors. But that day it was closed. So i walked in & asked them what they were doing.

Gideon was standing by his bed and answered, "we were just... in our room....with the door closed."

So again, i asked what they were doing, just in case he didn't understand the first time.

"We just wanted to be in our room with the door closed."

About this time, I'm starting to smell chocolate. So i say "Are you eating something?"

"well, we...just..."

And now I notice that the smell is coming from the corner of the room where Zachary is standing with his back to me. So as I walk toward him, I ask in my mean mommy voice, "What are you eating???"

And I turn Zachary around.....

There he stood with a bag of chocolate in his hand.

"Are you eating chocolate??"

"well... you see...we..."

again, in my mean mommy voice, "Where did you get chocolate???

"well...you see..."

"Is this Chloe's candy?"

Turns out, the boys had gotten into a large bag of M&M's that Chloe had gotten for her b-day the night before. Luckily, i had the presence of mind to take that very cute picture before i disciplined them sternly for stealing Chloe's candy.

The next day, Sunday, as I was in a bit of a rush to get ready for church, Evelyn walked up to me with chocolate all over her face and hands. Apparently, some of the M&M's had spilled out of the bag the day before, and she had discovered them.

Shortly after cleaning her up, I walked into the kitchen to find Zachary looking just like he does in the above picture, except the mess on his face was white. so i go to the fridge to see what he's gotten into... Chloe's birthday cake. He had scraped off all of the icing and chunks of cake from the top and eaten it.

AND...just now as I'm writing this (while the kid are supposed to be getting into bed for naps) Zachary walked into my room all covered in white powder. He had pushed up a chair to my pantry cupboard, and helped himself to a bag of Pirate Booty (similar to cheese puffs), and spilled half of it on the floor. Sheesh! What's with these kids? :)

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