Wednesday, October 10, 2007


okay... this is what I rented last night:

*Keeping Mum
*A Good Year
*Evan Almighty

It looks like just about everybody who left a comment mentioned "The Lake House" so i'll have to go get that one. And Mom told me I have to see "The Ultimate Gift", so i'll probably look for that one as well.

I'll let you know how they are. :)

Other movies that were recommended that I haven't seen, but will wait for another day are:
*Noises Off
*Opportunity Knocks
*Sweet Home Alabama
*The Devil Wears Prada
*Just Like Heaven (saw it, but would love it again)
*Kate & Leopold (saw this one, too, & loved it... just don't remember...)

I loved "How to Lose a Guy..." So fun! Also, Chocolat. one of my favorites!
and i'm *so* not watching City of Angels! no tear-jerkers allowed. :)

Thanks for your help, everyone! Let me know if you have more. :)

Glenna & Ruth, call me when your plane gets in! :)


Dog snob said...

Sounds like you're set!! Let me know how Evan Almighty is, i'm on the fence about it (didn't like the first one much).

Anonymous said...

Here are two that I really like... A lot like Love with Amanda Peet and Ashton Kucher (i didn't like him until this movie), and Sweet Land. That are both on my top favorites list!