Monday, October 15, 2007

More favorite books!

I have some more books that I'm adding to my recommended reading lists:

These first ones are all picture books...probably good for elementary school ages.
The Squire and the Scroll by Jennie Bishop similar to "The Princess and the Kiss", but for boys. --and I like this one better because it has more depth. :) A parable about a young squire who survives many trials by keeping to the words of the scroll. "A tale of the rewards of a pure heart."

The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop The story of a little girl who is given a precious gift (a kiss) from her parents, when she is born, and how she grows up and has to choose which, of many suitors should be the one to receive her kiss. A sweet story that teaches girls the value of their purity.

God's Wisdom for Little Girls and God's Wisdom for Little Boys by Elizabeth George The girl's book is Proverbs 31 explained in simple language, and the boy's book is the same, except it uses different verses from Proverbs. A great character-building book

The True Princess by Angela Elwell Hunt A parable that teaches girls what a true princess is like. My favorite line: "It is love that marks a true daughter of the king."

Mama Love by Kathy Mallat (preschool to younger elementry) a book about the love of a mother. Don't much care for the illustrations (it's a monkey & her baby) but love the words: "My mama loves me. I'm the twinkle in her eye, her heart's pitter-patter, her star in the sky. My mama loves me. I'm her absolute delight. She guides me and protects me through each day and night...I love my mama. She is everything to me, the rays of my sunshine, the roots of my tree. I love my mama. She's the twinkle in my eye, my heart's star in the sky." so sweet!!!

Too Many Frogs! by Sandy Asher cute story about a rabbit who tries to have a nice evening to himself, but a frog keeps interrupting. hate the illustrations. love the story.

I'm also adding the Narnia Chronicles to the chapter book section.

And for parents: The Heart of Anger bye Lou Priolo. I *love* Lou Priolo. Heard him speak at the homeschool convention in July. He has a passion for the life-changing power of scripture that catches. This book is for all parents --not just the one's with angry children . :)

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