Tuesday, October 02, 2007

love after one semester..

my brother josh posted this on his blog. too funny!

A love song, after one semester of Spanish:
(Ruth, i think you'll get a kick out of this. :))

no remembro how to say eleven. :P


Ruth said...

!Ay que chistoso! I can't wait to show it to Jose - he MAY laugh harder than I did! Especially since he's teaching Spanish now...he could use this video in his class! HILARIOUS!

~just me~ said...

jose's teaching spanish? that's great. :) how good is his english?

Ruth said...

Jose's English is getting so much better the longer we're here...he can hold a good and interesting conversation (not just the basics like the one semester of spanish haha!). Last semester he wrote 5 paragraph essays. I'm his crutch tho so he's not getting immersed as he should be. And friends are bombarding me w/ how I should be speaking Spanish to the girls...yet Jose needs me to speak English...so that part's tough. AnyHOO his English is pretty good, to sum up! :)

~just me~ said...

a 5 para essay.. that's impressive!

YES! speak to your girls in spanish! --maybe when he's away, or something.... i'm so sad that my parents never spoke to me in Spanish after we came to the States. it was my first language, but i forgot it all when we got here. :(