Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unpack is the new Pack

Well, we've moved into our house, & I'm working hard trying to get some semblance of order.  But at least we have the computer up and going. :)  Everything is one  big chaotic mess right now. Pretty stressful. But the house is great. The kids woke up yesterday morning & went straight into the jacuzzi. Our garden is producing large zucchinis, and looks like soon, we'll have some beans or something.  The giant  tree in the back yard is working hard to ripen the hundreds of avocados that are hanging from its branches, and the 5+ orange and lemon trees peek into my windows and show off their lovely happy colors to me as I work.

This Saturday, we'll be celebrating Gideon's birthday at a nearby park, and Monday, Chloe & Gideon will begin attending public school for the first time ever! 

And now I'm off to explore the plethora of boxes scattered through my house.  I think if i can ever figure out where to put everything, I'll really enjoy it here. until then, it's work work work.


Glenna said...

Avocados, zucchinis, lemons and oranges?!?! Plus a jacuzzi?? I wanna move into your house.

~just me~ said...

haha. :) well, just think of it as your vacation home. We're the caretakers, and you can come whenever you want, & stay in the room that has been set aside just for you and other vacationers. ;)

Glenna said...

My vacation home...I like that :) I'm gonna have to use that I think.