Thursday, August 05, 2010


Well, here I go again.  Yet another attempt to revive The Blog.  Seems like whenever I read, I'm motivated to write (what irony).  And tonight, I enjoyed looking at a project that someone did, where they took a photograph of themselves every day for 365 days.  It was inspirational, because she's an amazing photographer... and while I really wanted to do a challenge like that, I knew it was unrealistic, because there's no way I'd have the time or creativity  to take a cool  picture of myself every day ...and I'm sure you'd all be bored looking at the same exact pose 365 different times.  So I figured, why not give you a small verbal snapshot of myself each day, along with an occasional visual snapshot?  Just typing that makes me feel narcissistic, but my motivation is pure.  It really has little to do with showing myself to you because i know you're all desperately waiting, but had more to do with saving moments in time for myself to look back upon --- which i think just made me sound all the more self absorbed.  Oh well... I guess I can't escape it.

So.   here we go.  Snapshot day1 ... oooh! since i seem to be changing the direction of The Blog - yet again- maybe i should change the title -yet again... will consider the title, "Snapshots."  What do you think?
-distracted- let me start again.
Snapshot day 1:

Today I finished reading "Hank the Cowdog" to my kids.  This was fun for me, because I remember reading it (and meeting the author!) when I was in 5th grade.  They all enjoyed it just as much as me, and kept begging me not to put it down. :)  It was also a little sad, though because I know that our cuddling-on-the-couch-around-a-good-book times are coming to an end, because my two big kids will be going to public school this fall.

Choice one:  if you want Karina to be sad about this decision, continue reading here:   *SOB!*  {runs from computer and throws herself on the bed in a fit of tears and cries herself to sleep}

Choice two:  if you want Karina to be happy about this decision, read here:   *WaHoo!!*  {leaps away from computer and celebrates her upcoming freedom by doing the  happy dance until the clock strikes midnight}

Did I mention that I've also been reading a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book to the kids?


Tonya said...

Glad to see you write again. I hope you stick to it now! :-) And, why the decision to not homeschool?

Glenna said...

Why is it taking 5 days to discover this? Sigh. Anyway, I'm glad to see someone else out there attempting to blog again.

I'll put you back on my sidebar so I can keep up with you.

~just me~ said...

@Glenna - i half expected the few readers i have to be gone because i'm so inconsistent. I'm surprised you found it at all. :)

@Tonya - funny story. Hubby wants them to at least go to school in high school. but he doesn't want to just throw them in, so he'd like to put them in in Jr. High to give them some time to prepare for high school. But we've heard so much from other parents about houw rough Jr. High is, so we don't want to just throw them in there, either. And I figure they should have more than 1 year to get used to their new environment, which means putting them in this year, so they can have 2 years. haha. :) ... but they're ready. Chloe especially. She's needing to get away and have some more independence.

Glenna said...

I'm the same way. I've recently been reading a lot of blogs by people much smarter than me and it's inspired me in blogging about what I'm discovering. It's also added challenge to it because I have to work to learn about it. It's disconcerting at times, but fun.