Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jokes by Evelyn

we had a  funny  ammusing  intersting night of joke telling with the kids this evening.  Here were two of the "jokes" that Evy told.

E:  how do you get a sign and a tree out of a tree that's not metal, it's glass?
me: (verifying that I understand the question) how do you get a glass sign out of a tree?
E: yah.  but no.  it's not glass it's metal
me:  it's metal?
E: yah.  with glass around the edges
me: so, how do you get a metal and glass sign out of a tree?
E: yah.
me: um..shake it out?
E: no
me: you climb up and get it?
E: no
me:  I don't know. I give up.
E: you climb up in the tree and get it down. 

E: Why did all the fish in the world that aren't whales or sharks or jellyfish or anything that eat other fish cross the road?
me: Why?
E: because they couldn't eat anything so they died.

and one by Gideon (which is what prompted the previous one by Evy):
Why did the starfish cross the road without looking both ways?
me: because he couldn't turn his head?
G: no
me: because there weren't any cars coming?
G: no
me: why?
G: because he was at a crosswalk and the light turned green.

sometimes i laugh really hard at my kids jokes just because they are so *not* funny

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