Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile #6

I'm rushing around, getting ready to make the forever drive to Ikea, where we will be buying some supplies for our church.  But I thought I'd just check in super quick because i don't like leaving a depressing post as my most recent.   So... a couple things that made me smile recently:

LOVE having my mom in town!  She's been here for about a week and has a couple more to go.  We've enjoyed spending time at the beach and going out to birthday lunches, and just sitting around talking.  I just adore my mom, and am so thankful to have some time together.

LOVED Chloe's 9th birthday last week!  For her gift she wanted to go horseback riding, so we found a little place that would take us for an hour and a half.  The little kids stayed home & it was just me, chris, chloe, & gideon.  It was so cute watching the kids learn how to sit on a horse and steer.  we rode through the beautiful mountains, and had a wonderful time!  and a little less than a week later, my butt is still bruised. ;)


Alvarez Family said...

Where's the like button?!! :) :) So glad you can spend time with your mom...I started working with my mom this week and will be working with her 3x/week and I love being with her too! Not as fun as birthday lunches and walks on the beach, but still. :)

I think of you all the time!

Have been posting silly stuff on my blog, and also started a ministry blog, fyi...

Miss you!

オテモヤン said...
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