Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our New School

Well, we just finished a meeting with the principal of the new home school. She really has great plans for this school! She's eager to let parents keep their independence, but give as much support and resources as are available. If I wanted to, I could send my kids to school from 9-2, three days a week. Or i could never set foot in the school, and do whatever I choose. I can have my kids do assessment testing. or not. I can use only their curriculum. Or whatever I choose.

They'd like to offer PE - like basketball, or swing dancing, or jazzercize (and get this! the parents can do it too! --for FREE!). And electives, like kindermusic (again, for FREE!), or language, or pottery, and science experiments, and lots of hands-on exploration & field trips.

This is their first time to try this, so i'm sure it will have some kinks, but the heart of what they would like to do with the school sounds really great! So i'll be signing the kids up to begin next August! YAY!

And if worse comes to worse -- or is it: "worst comes to worst" --or "worse comes to worst?" or "worst comes to worts?" ... whatever.... if it all goes bad, I can just withdrawl the kids, & i've lost nothing. sounds like a good deal to me. :)

oh.. and one more interesting tidbit... ANYBODY can enroll in this school --anywhere in the country. isn't that interesting?


Dog snob said...

That really sounds pretty cool, and a nice medium between the two. If they ever get something like that in Texas, I'll have to mention it to my MIL...

Gwendolyn said...

Anywhere in the country, eh?

Anonymous said...

That sounds neat. I'm eager for the K-12 program to come to San Antonio - which is different from what you are talking about - but similar in some ways. Can you give more info or a link or anything?

~just me~ said...

yes, Gwen! anywhere in the country. :) They have one family who travels around the world, but they'll be enrolled there.


Hi Sarah. :) They don't have a website as far as I can tell (i've done google searches). But if you have any questions, you can ask & i might be able to help. I grilled the principal for a good hour or so. :)

-or- you could email her & ask: