Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Zachary!!!

Zachary turns four today. :)

This last year with Zachy has been so much fun. He's beginning to develop his personality, & become his own little self. It turns out he's extremely sensitive. (i never would have thought that before). He loves quiet cuddle time with me, & likes to have serious talks -- and loves to tell stories. But it takes him awhile to get out exactly what he wants to say. (hmmm sounds like me). He doesn't like to be teased, or to wrestle too much. But he's all boy, and loves to tease & has a silly sense of humor. :)

UPDATE: LOL! just went back & read this. it sounds like a "personals" add. :)

"sweet senstive SWM, who enjoys serious talks and cuddle time with Mommy seeks SWF... "

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Dog snob said...

Happy birthday Zacky!!