Monday, March 03, 2008

okay, okay...

alright...for those of you who are anxiously waiting to hear what God's been working in our hearts, this post is for you. :)

it's a very long complicated story that probably wouldn't make any sense if I tried to type it out, so i'm just going to summarize. Most of you know that when Chris & i were first married, we were planning to go into missions. But after Chris didn't get into med school, we stopped pursuing that life-path. Through the years, I've gone through being sad, to annoyed, to bitter, to content; and Chris has gone through his own stuff.

anyway, after a series of maturing events in our lives recently, we met a young couple at the end of January. They're here in the U.S. until mid to late March, when they plan to join his parents in England as missionaries. After our first meeting together, I walked away feeling like God had taken me by the shoulders and turned me from the direction I was heading, and said, "stop being content and start praying." so i did. I've been praying for God's calling and purposes in our lives. and for breakthrough, & for us to hear clear direction from him. And the more time we spend with these friends, and in prayer, seeking Him, the more we're feeling a greater call to move. (not like move from our house but move in his calling). we don't really know what that looks like, or what it means, yet, but we're excited and expecting!! Personally, I think God is calling & preparing us for missions... but we'll see.

So...that's kind of vague, because it's hard to explain heart things in writing. but whatever it is, it's huge, and i'm really excited. :)


Tonya said...


I'm thrilled that you guys are seeking God's direction and hearing His call. We will pray for you as you pursue what this means.

Rachel said...

We went through this starting last Jan. and prayed through the Spring. God led us to put our house on the market and downsize so we could be in a place to say "yes" to ministry pay when it came along. We moved and settled in June and by Sept. My husband went full time into ministry. I thought for a long time it would be missions. It is amazing how God prepares our hearts! Thanks for sharing this. It will be awesome to see what God does!