Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The joys of democracy

As I was cleaning my kitchen (finally), Chloe ran up to me and asked if policemen were allowed to be in charge of the president. "No," I told her, "the president is in charge of the policemen."

"Good!" She said, & ran off down the hall, shouting at Zachary, in a snotty voice, "I'm the president, so I'm the boss of you, and you have to do whatever I say!"

This just would not do. I followed her back to her room and informed all of the children that it's important for a president to treat her people well, otherwise they might vote her down --or worse: form a military coup to bring her out of power forcefully. This pleased the other children greatly, and as I walked back to the kitchen, they were debating what to do with their president.

A few minutes later, they were all marching around the kitchen chanting, "Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!" 3 year old Evelyn interrupted her chanting, turned to chloe and said maliciously, "We are the enemy! Vote! Vote! Vote!" And they marched out of the room.

Back in the playroom the political debates continued.
Gideon: "Well, I'll let you play the Wii!"
Chloe: "I'll let you play whenever you want!"
Gideon: "I'll give you candy!"
Chloe: "I'll give you candy too!"
Zachary and Evelyn cheer!
Then Zachary runs to me, "I'm the congress, and I'm making a law that Chloe can't be president anymore."
The chanting resumes: "Vote! Vote! Vote!"

As I think about it, this doesn't sound much different from how adults behave when it comes to politics. As I go back to my dishes, I congratulate myself on a successful moment of minimal-effort homeschooling. And then I'm jolted back to reality as I'm whacked in the head by a foam dart that one of my darlings just shot at me. (who's idea was it to buy those dart guns for christmas, anyway?)


Stacey said...

too cute! I do miss those days as my kids are all grown now. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley Hale said...

That is so adorable!!! I love how when you got shot you called them your "darling"!!! Awww!