Friday, November 20, 2009

Funny Friday

considering the title of my blog, not only is it important to smile, but it's important to laugh. And since i just can't help myself with these cheesy alliterations, i thought i'd post funny things on fridays. :), being the first Funny Friday of How to Smile, i'd like to share an amazingly hilarious blog with you. My sister-in-law, Jody, just introduced me to it today. I read his first real post, & i was laughing so hard by the first paragraph, that tears were streaming from my eyes, and i could hardly get through the rest. This man just has a perfect way with words. So without further ado, you must check out Life Between Naps and at very minimun read his post titled, "Raisin Ruby"


Jim said...

No, you're awesome! Thanks for giving LBN a shout out. It's great to hear from readers, not to mention super motivating. So there I said it, you motivated me. Blach... so easily motivated, so eaisly eaisly motivated. Thanks!


~just me~ said...

No *you're* awesome! I just finished reading your full blog, & would have been glad to buy it in book form for all my friends. :) you're a very talented writer! Thanks for sharing your life. :)