Wednesday, January 14, 2009

checking in...

we had a lovely christmas holiday. My brother, Erik, and his family came into town to visit. It was fun to be with family again, although i was sorry to miss Josh & Heidi, & their families.

New Year's day, my mom called to tell me that my Grandma had died in her sleep. we were all glad that the suffering from her illness had ended, but sorry to say goodbye to such a special person. She was a woman deeply devoted to God, and full of compassion for others. I'm so greatful for the very rich heritage that i have.

In the following week, family from all over the country poured in. It was nice to see cousins and aunts and uncles who i haven't seen in years. I especially enjoyed talking to my grandma's brother & sisters. So fun to hear stories from the far-away past. I think i especailly apreciated it, because i know i won't hear any more of those stories from Grandma.

Heidi and Josh were among the family who came in. I was very excited to see them - especially Josh, who i hadn't seen since before Evelyn was born, i think... BUT me & Evy & Chloe were all stricken with a yucky stomach bug, so i didn't get to spend much time with them. My poor mom was throwing up the day of the funeral, so she wasn't able to attend. so sad!

Now, Family has all gone back to their homes, the Sickies have subsided - though i have a terrible lingering cough - and life is slowly going back to normal. I started school again on Monday. A very nice time with the kids. We read the entire 150 pages of Mr. Poppers Penguins in one sitting. the kids just kept begging for more. :)

anyway... its nice to start getting back into our routine... though i'm still recovering from the holidays -- i spent all day on Tuesday, doing laundry from the last 3 weeks. And i hope, someday, to get my nativities put away. :) Yesterday, i realized i have just a little over a week before my birthday. 32 years. ak! it never stops! the days just keep going & going!

so... that's my update. Joined facebook over the holidays. It's a lot of fun. WAY easier to update than my blog. So, if you'd like more frequent updates, come check me out on facebook. we can be friends. :)

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Tonya said...

Hate to correct you, but I know you saw Josh last year after Christmas too. Funeral again. Now do you remember? :-)