Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 4 in NYC

our last day. lots of fun! very new yorky

Today was the coldest of all... high of 31 degrees.
went to the Statue of liberty. There were all sorts of little street vendors that were fun to browse. my favorite was the one w/the hot apple cider. :) Then we waited for HOURS to get on the fairy to see the statue. We had to go through all sorts of security. They don't tell you all that *before* you buy the tickets. But, she was beautiful. we're glad we went. Got to watch the sun set behind the statue. wow.

Then we visted Ground Zero (the former site of the twin towers). That was really neat. They're building 6 towers in the their place. pretty cool.

From there, we tried to see Trinity church, which we've heard a lot about, but it was closed. so we got on the subway & headed toward Central park....but we decided to hop off at Times Square. WOW! very busy & exciting! so many lights! very cool...then back into the abyss of the subway & up at Central park. There, we got to experience New York hospitality at it's finest, when we waited for a carriage ride, and some guy tried to tell us how terrible they are, and that we should ride in his bicycle trailer instead. Then we got to watch a fight between the people at the front of the carriage line & the people in the back, who were cutting. And then we got kicked off of a carriage, because *we* were at the front of the line, and apparently, the carriage driver feels angry about having to serve people in a civil fashion. bu we *finally* got on a carriage, & had a lovely ride around the park.

afterward, we went looking for a gift for my mother in law, in a nearby shop. When i asked how much a crystal bowl was, i was able to talk the guy down from $350 to $100, just by saying, "that's not in our budget." hee hee. :)

off to the subway again, & back to Times Square where we had some authentic New York pizza for dinner. Even though it was cold, & old, it was probably some of the best pizza i've had. yum!

Then, back to the subway, & to the hotel. Now we've got to pack & be out of the hotel by 4am, which is 1am CA time. EEK!

good night!


megat said...

your blog very beautiful and more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!.I come again

Dog snob said...

How fun!!! I hope you took pictures...

heather said...

wow...can you believe people actually get to LIVE there? isn't it amazing?
i loved all the little street vendors and the flurry on the many original things. definitely has a cool vibe.
although, did you really like times square? eric and i took a brief (like 5 minute walk-almost-run-through) there...i so disliked it i couldn't wait to get away from it. too chaotic. i guess new york is busy and chaotic in it's own way, but times square was not a chaos that i liked.
anyway, so glad y'all got to go!!!
we are hoping to go visit eric's mom in the next year, so maybe i'll get to see it again soon. of course, that would mean i have to get on a plane. yuck. *sigh*

Gwendolyn said...

That is so cool that y'all got to go to New York! What a neat romantic vacation. Ray & I have been stuffy sick too so tell Chris that I feel his pain!