Friday, September 12, 2008


Thanks, Jessica for sending me a link to some fun videos by MercyMe, a popular christian band (well-known for their song, "I can Only Imagine".)

I thought all my girlfriends from Dallas would enjoy this one, especially. ;~)

Here's "Ice Baby"

and "The Eye of the Tiger"

"Never Gonna Give You Up"


Krista said...

Thanks for sharing these videos! Mercy Me is my favorite band and I got some good laughter enjoying the fun they are having in these different song styles.

I'm putting some Mercy Me on my Facebook account - are you on there? I'm Krista Engilsh (duh) or you could use to add me as a friend -

tlak to you later,

~just me~ said...

hi Krista! :) I'm glad you enoyed the songs. :)

I'm not on Facebook. sounds like a lot of fun, but i feel like i'm not supposed to do it. :(

Gwendolyn said...

Hey, I've been super uber busy and haven't had time to blog or check anyone else's. Thanks for thinking of us. We will never live down that song....:)