Monday, June 09, 2008

Here she is!

Well, since Glenna is in *such* a hurry to see pictures... here they are! :)

Poor thing still doesn't have a name :( I'd really like to name her Kitty, but Chris isn't going for it. So I call her Petunia until we can agree on something.
I made a list of names i'd like. They are: Bernice, Penelope, Franny, Tinkerbell, Mimi, Miffy , Mitzy, Muffy, Cinderella, Priscilla, May-belle, Harriet, Gingersnap, Gretel, Fifi-trixie-belle, Trixie, Phoebe, Ladybug, Lola, Pixie Stick, Snickers, Taffy, Fifi, Dottie, Ophelia, Gypsy, Bluebonnet, and Cinnamon
We have our firts vet. appt. this afternoon at 4:15. Hopefully she'll check out fine. We're a little concerned, b/c she seems to limp when she walks. If she has any problems, we'll have to return her.


Dog snob said...

She's a cutie!!! (took you long enough ;)

Good luck at the vet :) Also, you might have him/her check her hips real good. Large breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, (it's genitic for the most part). She's probably too young to tell anything though.

Yer Pappy said...

I vote for Phoebe or Gretel (fine Germanic name that one).

Tonya said...

She's adorable!

Gwendolyn said...

I vote for a really girly name. My BIL had a big huge dog and named her Princess and gave her a pink collar. It was so cute, the irony of this big dog being so girly. Snickers is cute, too. Who doesn't like Snickers?

~just me~ said...

yah, Gwen, i woulda gone a girly name, but chris wanted a manly one. :( Kitty really woulda been perfect. :)

phoebe woulda been nice, dad.